The Wineyard stand

ITALY, 2024

A brand new stand concept for the various sector fairs of the Italian manufacturing company, now in “tour” all over Europe.


Cherubini was looking for a new concept of an exhibition stand through which communicates itself and its products distinctively and memorably from competitors.

Major focus on technical and professional products explanation through human relation.


The new Cherubini stand concept had to convey the following objectives:

  • Distinctiveness and appealing in terms of customer experience and design;
  • Company brand ambassador: values & style;
  • Valuable mix of physical and digital solutions to get to know products;
  • Modularity & replicability, total or partially, on different layouts



After 6 years apart from the last R+T Messe Stuttgart fair, due to COVID, Cherubini wanted to make it clear what make it unique:

  • is the company of “handling”;
  • has a wide and evolving products range;
  • focuses on human relationship and people’s bond.



The overall idea in terms of experience and design was to develop a place where human relationship and communication are the dedicated tools used for presenting and transferring Cherubini range products, novelties and its brand values.

The picked landscape was “La vigna Cherubini” (Cherubini vineyard) which enabled Cherubini commercial staff to present products, in an unconventional way, between a glass of wine, a quick chat in front of a display, or through rows of motors & gears.

— The 4 experience modules


An attractive and artistic installation, visible from far, aimed to transfer Cherubini mission: designing and developing solutions for the handling of sunscreens and much more.


Through different modules, replicated along the entire length of stand, are presented corporate contents (history, mission, values etc.), the components manufactured and solutions it proposes.


The space entirely dedicated to the relationship and exchange of information between visitors and Cherubini staff aimed at transferring details and insights on the components.


Thanks to a multiple videos installation Cherubini describes its values and mission through an emotional and evocative film.





The stand was designed to meet the 2 needs of communicating the relationship and the vast product range. It is a simple and easily navigable space that takes inspiration from the linear and narrative structure of the vineyard. The volumes and the floor mix chromatically with the lines of the tables, through the butter color, while the products are highlighted by slender blue structures which, in addition to recalling the concept of the window (object of study in the Cherubini world) allow the product to be told and the very potential of Cherubini to be able to manage different types of handling in the future.






Kitchen: catering area for food & beverage preparation. Lab: Cherubini corporate contents presentation.


4 modules replicated along the stand: Poster: Corporate content or related product information.

Shelf: physical products display. Emotional video: presenting products through details. Totem: corporate content.


Dedicated to an informal presentation of products during a quick lunch break.


Recognisable symbol of Cherubini mission: handling.

An undergrowth of plants in the lower part of the blue display system recalls the concept of the vineyard and characterizes the entire horizon of the stand, into which customers immerse themselves.

All the dialogue areas are highlighted by a lighting system at the table that accompanies the moment of interaction





— a continuously moving system, covers the entire sky of the stand, becoming an element of Cherubini's recognition from afar


standard-customized system, designed to accommodate Cherubini products, through a dedicated LED stripe to highlight their characteristics, a set of blue trays of different sizes that divide the products by type, and an attached communication system that tells the characteristics.





Luciana Cherubini, Cherubini Marketing Manager

“What we wanteded was a stand that invite everyone to enter, a meeting point in the heart of the pavilion where visitors could perceive and see the evolution of Cherubini, welcomed with the usual warmth and attention: a space capable of bringing together , designed to enhance solutions and handling systems through our renewed Brand Identity. Goal reached”

Francisco Sanchez, Cherubini CEO

“R+T was the ideal opportunity to meet our public and present the numerous innovations that characterize the expansion and consolidation of our offer. The choice to use digital media and contents, in line with Cherubini’s sustainability policies, has allowed us to best express the orientation and dynamism of our Group, increasingly focused on customer needs beyond simple handling , thanks to integrated systems for living comfort and well-being, both indoors and outdoors“.


Massimo Fabbro, DINN! Founder

“We designed the new generation of Cherubini exhibition stands to communicate style, dynamism and movement as essential values ​​of the Brand.

We have chosen the path of differentiation, focusing on a surprising landscape that revolves around the ability to create relationships and dialogue with customers”