— GIRO and POP, two branding items to express the company values —

During the long-term partnership with Cherubini Groupwithin the overall branding strategy that we delivered to enhance and highlight the company value, we conceived also a product design concept: GIRO & POP, two remote controls for Cherubini motorized systems, further elements of distinctiveness that best qualifies Italian tradition and the innovative capabilities, that are pillars of Cherubini proposition.

A branding innovation through new forms of experience and interaction between brand and customer. The new range of remote controls designed for Cherubini Group represents a further element of distinctiveness that best qualifies tradition and innovation, enhancing the collaboration with DINN!, aimed at creating value and economic results

claims Marco De Carli, Co-Founder & CEO at DINN!



To redefine the range of remote controls, we focused on the concept of style and recognizability around the core products that are “invisible”: a combination of elegance, gesture and versatility on two devices with different expressions of style to meet the needs of each customer.


The GIRO series is characterized by an innovative design, as a result of a lateral approach to the traditional remote control, with a classic switch or with a significant gesture rotating the element, becoming an iconic element to show off in modern, design-oriented houses.

POP series is represented by practical and essential remote controls, designed to offer ample customization possibilities both for the color of the finished and for the configuration of the device: the final user could customize it with six different colors depending on where the device will be located.