Vian – First step

— Vian Branding —


DINN! was engaged in a moment of strong change for Vian (a brand new Healthcare company with an already developed network of Hospitals in Georgia) which was starting a new course and adopting a brand-new direction:  we were entrusted to support them by translating the brand pillars into a visual concept, as a starting point of other touchpoints we are working on to show off, the company new approach to health.

This new direction about personal wellbeing was asking for a brand identity able to express a different way of leading a longer, healthy, and happy life.


This brand has indeed two souls connected, the “full of life” side that is empathetic, optimistic, and calm… and on the other side is anyway a medical institution, professional, trustful, with hi-quality standards.

In terms of visuals, we really wanted to express the two sides altogether, with a metaphor intended to picture a different culture about our own personal care. We found an inspirational starting point in the painting “Dance II” by Henri Matisse, where people are freely celebrating life with one the most powerful and natural acts, the dance, a celebration of joy. You usually dance when you are happy, when you are celebrating something and for sure you can dance if you are healthy.




“Vian is a brand full of life, people company, approaching a new concept of healthcare and taking its first steps into a new day. Our mission is to transform the culture of healthcare to improve the quality of life of our employees, customers and broader society.

DINN exhibited a perfect understanding of our strategic direction, mission and values, infusing togetherness and an optimistic perspective into our visual identity. Through the vibrant colors of daylight, the energy of a new day and the dynamic joy of togetherness, they masterfully depicted our essence.

The truly pleasant and result-oriented cooperation we shared with DINN was instrumental in bringing the brand to life. Together, we breathed vitality and purpose into our brand, igniting the spark that fuels our journey.”

Levan Giorgadze – Vian Deputy Ceo


The logo stylizes a dance between two people, “two sides”, a dynamic, energic moment where they are connected, a flow of emotions. To balance this part and assure the institutional part, they create a perfect circle, a symbol of focused and scientific precision.

About the colors: with soft gradients we wanted to express the lights of sunrise, a particular moment of everyone’s routine.

The warm and changing light defines the beginning of a new flourishing future. The colors of the morning spread energy, calmness, and optimism for the day to come. VIAN communicates the same feeling with its human-centered well-being approach.



The lettering of Vian is again an element of balancing, reassuring and modern, to represent the medical dna that gives solidity and trust.

The overall visual identity is simple but yet iconic, neat, and different from a normal hospital, with its vibrant color and its rich storytelling, which is positive and energetic: a promise of building together a “better today” for everyone.