Georgia, 2023

A second location opening for 4B, a concept designed and adapted by DINN! with Bank of Georgia, to engage SME, Corporate and Startups.


The Bank of Georgia continues to actively work on the creation and development of innovative products. This time, the bank opened another service space for business clients with a completely new concept – 4B branch, which was created as a result of studying and analyzing the needs of customers. 4B is the space where small and medium partner businesses of the Bank of Georgia enjoy special conditions and offers. 4B offers them: personal banker and financial analyst services when working on project financing; meetings with industry experts and the opportunity to receive business advice from them; interesting business events; offers specially created for them by partner organizations (Google Ads, Meta, Linkding ads, Harvard Business Review, Shopify and others) the ability to book and use workspaces and schedule meetings.





The 4B branch was created to make it even more convenient for businesses to use banking services, to support them in the development and advancement of their own business. In this space, businesses will find several interesting news and offers created specifically for them. We are happy with this news and believe that this space will open up new opportunities for our partners and help them with new ideas, business development in the right direction and establishing new relationships.

Zurab Masurashvili, Deputy General Director






The first pilot was a successful story: even if it started at the beginning of Covid, 4b found out its way to better engage the clients, setting a new reason why to choose Bank of Georgia, taking profit from different services to support every entity’s growth.

It’s a dynamic space, with events, synergies, opportunities: the idea of using the place as an extension of each clients touchpoint, by freely booking the areas, is truly interesting and up to date with the new attitude towards workplaces

Andrea Borsetto, DINN! Partner