— An open interview with our Chairman and co-Founder & Giorgio Tartaro —

As DINN!, we work first of all with a focus on customer experiences as we strongly think that physical spaces are important levers to change people’s behaviors. Designing completely new and renovated physical spaces with an integration of digital, choosing premium quality materials connected to the environment (f.e. wood, mainly in this period, provide pleasant warm feelings to people and would be perfect for external uses), is the key start point to conceive innovative successful projects.

In every market, the integration between broadcasting and the interior design creating spaces (welcoming customers and communicating with them at a distance, in the same physical place) is one of the emerging topics of today’s retail:  Spaces could be both recognized as “experience places” or becoming “perfect stages” to show important and useful contents for distant people.”

An open interview about DINN!, emerging customers behaviors and the new role of person-to-person experiences within the coming “phygital” world.

Thanks to Giorgio Tartaro and FINSA for the invitation.
Future is coming, need to be ready!