Communicate a new positioning through a store

Georgia, 2023

A new benchmark in the Georgian pawn shops market. As an antithesis to a negative perception, which is often matched by an inattentive and careless service and physical dimension, we supported Express in devising a concept capable of posing itself with new drivers.

A brand experience where attention, care, and dignity return to the forefront in a brand that stands as a trusted partner in life’s needs. Three pilots have already been implemented, with an ambitious rollout.


Pawn shops are usually surrounded by bad stigma, sometimes correct, sometimes instead a little aprioristic, especially for initiatives that have partners behind them such as financial institutions.

The scope of this project was to support a change in perception, for a place usually expected to be shady, uncaring of people, something to be ashamed of, as a last resort. 

Express was looking for a brand-new line of pawn shop systems this new direction, characterized by a well-made and well-designed environment was promoting competitive products through an improved, distinctive, and reliable approach, to be implemented in Georgia, in a very competitive but poorly implemented business.





In Georgia these kinds of stores are characterized by poor design, experience and, in general, reputation: a good opportunity for Express to make a difference in its country among its competitors and, start a new era and approach for the pawn itself.

In general, traditionally those places are characterized by an unpleasant experience, basic furniture not well maintained, an inadequate level of privacy and a staff attitude that does not help to fight the stigma.



Guarantee that people’s items are well managed, evaluated, and preserved.


Estimators have good competencies and a positive approach to the customers. They treat people’s items with respect and evaluate them with professionalism.


The customers receive their money in an easy and fast way, while acknowledging their personal matters.


The customers can see where their items are put in storage and preserved with care, while understanding the service with the correct level of privacy







This side represents the institutional\financial side. It is defined by colder tones and elements that express safety and security


The bridge between the two areas has more, warm wood finishings: it’s where the interaction happens.


The entrance is defined by softer colors, using also the secondary color palette






Privacy (visual and acoustic): creating dedicated, more isolated and preserved areas where clients are comfortable to manage their precious items escaping from unwanted glances. In order to guarantee privacy during the experience inside Express, we have opted for some tricks:​​

  • Closing portion of the available windows and entrance (film and/or walls);


  • Making visible from the outside all the moments of the experience without putting clients and their faces in front end;


  • Dividing with workstation dividers or staggering commons areas where 2 or more clients may be present simultaneously. 



Due to how the space and the experience have been designed, both operators and clients feel safe to manage items and money without the fear of being seen or robbed by anyone. Elements through which we were able to convey this feature:

  • Bulletproof to close and preserve cabins 24/7;


  • High level of safety system to give access to staff areas to operators only;

  • Transparent bulletproof sliding door to close the evaluation station area during night-time;

  • Partition grating to preserve clients’ privacy and restrict access to items;

  • Safety boxes, to convey this idea of safety, which are actually storage boxes for operators.




In a place where human bond and compassion, in a good way, makes a difference, we have created an environment where people feel serene and where everything seems to be well managed. For this reason, we have created a welcoming waiting area where clients can wait their turn without interfering during other clients’ evaluations. At the evaluation stations (opened & closed) we have implemented communication systems able to guarantee privacy from client to client without compromising the ease of communication between clients and operators and their bond. Even the way communication materials or additional accessories (i.e. candies, magazines, greenery etc.) are presented into the space, transfers an ideal atmosphere of attention, calmness, and care.


No Frills. Simple but clear messages are used to communicate Express services and how they work for clients. Everything is frank and clear, and conveys calmness. Even the experience, both for clients and operators, is easy and composed of few key moments: entrance & waiting, pawn or transaction activities (managed by the operator or by the clients themselves in two main areas, evaluations stations or cabins depending on daytime, activity type and staff availability), checkout. Everything is managed within a limited amount of time.




Through design, communication and experience we have created a completely different touchpoint compared to other relevant competitors. Express uses a different tone of voice, more curated and calms without overshadowing its institutional and reliable aura. Soft and delicate colors and materials convey this new tone of voice and attention while the blue color represents Express institutionality.




  • Spread dignity and normality within the space, better curated and different.
  • Bright and softer tones to convey calmness​
  • A clean, simple, well-ordered design​
  • A warm & welcoming design with greenery for care & attention