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“My two cents” is an American idiomatic expression to preface a tentative statement of one’s opinion. Betting a very small amount, the user of the phrase, showing politeness and a bit of humility, expresses a long shot statement.

DINN! had some talks with some partners and clients to catch their vision about the evolving scenarios in the long-term period: a “precious two cents” from the privileged point of view of businessmen, managers and professionals in different sectors and from different countries.

We will shrink the focus on our bread & butter, how the “new normality” will affect the experiences between people and spaces with acceleration on digital integration.

Here the full videos of all our guests:


Giorgio Santambrogio, CEO at Gruppo VéGé, talks with Massimo Fabbro, Co-founder and Chairman of DINN!, about the new scenarios in GDO and other industries.

From their exchange, it seems quite relevant to the importance of the people in staff, the human-touch able to transmit value, the “culture” of the product or service, going beyond fundamental but basic customer care. On the other side, as social human beings, we’ll re-discover the “pleasure of an experience”, with the companies goals to pursue new formats able to clearly express the quality differential as the reason why of the shopping experience itself.


STEFANO BORGOGNONI – Head of Business Development at SPARKASSE

Sparkasse – Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano is one of the most prominent independent Saving Bank on Italy and the first one in Alto Adige\Südtirols region. “Since 165 years we safeguard the future of the territory”.

Stefano Borgognoni, Head of Business Development talks with Marco De Carli, DINN! co-founder and CEO, about branch innovation into a phygital scenario as part of “2CENTS: what’s now” format. We have been partners for the concept development of their network: https://dinndesign.com/client/sparkasse/

A quote from their exchange: “The branches are a fundamental asset to valorize: we think with different formats, focusing part of them for some specific target or with different services offered also by partners in a shop in shop model. That helps to change during the time the offering, transforming the physical space into a “media” to transmit contents and different experiences”.


GIUSEPPE ROSSI – Managing Director at PINEIDER

Writing instruments and leather goods to safeguard the past: since 1774, Pineider has given people the tools to create their own story, their own history.

Giuseppe Rossi, Pineider Managing Director, talks with Massimo Fabbro, DINN! Chairman, about phygital scenarios in retail.

“In this period, we realized that the only fashion companies who had positive performances were those extremely oriented towards digital commerce. It was a chase by the traditional retailers, to create their relevant online dimension and become “click & mortar” (the physical store will remain crucial, but integrated into a new type of business). This step cannot be done just by opening an eCommerce but creating a whole new strategy: from here, a new marketing web & social-oriented process, rather than the traditional advertising, will start.”


FRANCESCO ZHOU FEI – Member of the Management Board at MI STORE ITALIA

Mi Store Italia, Xiaomi official mono #brand dealer, is one kind of a brand that can claim to have a passionate fan base rather than just clients.
Francesco Zhou Fei (Member of the Management Board) notes that, especially inside the malls, the traffic is heavily reduced while the visit with the clear scope to buy is well improved: less random curiosity for a more purchase mindset.
The strong awareness of MiStore and Xiaomi allows them to look forward to new openings in the near future: the distinctive value is a wide offer of technologies that can enhance your daily life (and this is something you can feel, touch and live inside the store) and staff-oriented to talk and guide with great competence the clients (already well prepared through the digital channel) rather than just manage a less valuable “pick up and go” experience.


Giuseppe Stigliano, CEO at Wunderman Thompson Italy and co-author of the book “Retail 4.0” with Philip Kotler, hosted by our CEO & Co-Founder, Marco De Carli, for “2cents: what’s now?” talk.

He brings his 2cents with a bright vision about ongoing and future human behaviors in a “third dimension” between physical and digital. We exchanged some comments on Giuseppe specification about “digital natives” and “natives in the digital era”, but “still human and analogic”. The acceleration we are living will probably help to diminish the digital divide, opening new hybrid scenarios where people’s expectations are fast evolving, often faster than the ability of companies to follow up.


ANDREA BELLO – Senior Global Marketing Manager at LAVAZZA

Lavazza is a brand that speaks Italian everywhere in the world. We had the opportunity to discuss possible future initiatives and it brought to this 2cents call between Andrea Bello (Senior Global Marketing Manager) and Marco De Carli (our CEO and Co-Founder).

From the talk exchange, it seems that the bigger retail chains are adapting the physical and, meanwhile, the smaller are adopting the digital: it means more overall quality for the customers. It’s an overall experience without any specification between physical or digital: solving needs, sometimes beyond expectations, anytime and anywhere.


PIERPIO CERFOGLI – CoVice Geneal Manager at BPER Banca

A lucid vision about banking in the next years shared by Pierpio Cerfogli (Co-Vice General Manager at BPER Banca) and author of “2030 the bank onlife” Guida Editori: we have a long-time professional bond with him and his company, but mostly Mr. Cerfogli represents for us a source of inspiration for this topics.

The keyword is “trust”, a powerful and challenging term to enable and accelerate the innovation and the choices. Predictive models are important, but the trust will allow banks to reinforce their positioning in the most important life moments of companies and people. Speaking about new customer journeys, there are huge opportunities to re-think the models: “bank as a platform” and hi-profile advisory will be the drivers to compete in new areas with new competitors, with hybrid models in partnership with third parties. Again, a matter of trust and innovation.



The Cruise Industry has been affected particularly by the pandemic, and they are reacting with a true seaman spirit: knowledge, passion and courage to explore the newness.

Daniele Simonetti (Onboard Sales Operations Director at Costa Crociere) and Marco De Carli (CEO and Co-Founder at DINN!collaborated for an onboard retail project that is one of many different aspects on a cruise boat that mix hospitality, leisure, food and beverage, transportation and again retail.

Two keywords: safety, in which they are committing a lot, and integrated experiences: here the digital acceleration will support the overall journey in each pre-during-post phase. It will be the pivot to activate all the services and experiences but with the fundamental role of the crew to interact, guide and welcome all the guests.