— TMB Bank (Thailand) unveils “TMB Experience”, the new digital retail banking project —


TMB Bank  unveils “TMB Experience”, the new digital retail banking project embraced by a glasshouse design landscape.

The new concept wants to represent a new way to engage customers combining digitization with the human touch to enable the customers to enjoy discovering their real financial needs through ‘Avatar’ identity creation and exploring products which can help them reach their financial goals.





Marco De Carli, CEO and Founder of DINN!, comments, “Banks around the world are going digital, but keeping the human interactions and recognizing a great value of the physical channel with relevant contents and customer experience.  As an Italian Design innovation firm we strongly believe Retail will change its role, of course more digital, but remaining the key one for a lot of customers needs.”


Mr. Roel Huisman, TMB Chief Retail Banking Officer, said “TMB Experience is another move of TMB to enhance our service with simplicity and convenience, for better customer experience as TMB always wants to ‘Make THE Difference’ which is meaningful to customers. TMB sees that in light of the disruptive digital technology, a bank branch plays more important role in enhancing customer experience and providing more complex products and services, such as financial planning. As customer’s behavior in using banking service has changed, we keep challenging ourselves to constantly provide the best customer experience when using TMB. I’m also pleased to share with you the results from the soft launch of TMB Experience at the Icon Siam. In the past two months, customer satisfaction score has increased to 95% while we achieve double growth of new customers. The interpretation of TMB Experience conceptual idea has been translated into design by ‘DINN! from Italy who has involved in the design works for various financial institutions. The company has been commissioned to work in many countries worldwide and was recognized with several design awards, such as the   “2018 Retail Award” by Forum Retail, Milano in the category of “Best Store Layout”.

Ms. Waranee Wanrat, TMB Head of Channel Planning & Implementation, said, “The experience that customers will get from TMB Experience are the new services that are not for sales purpose. We have created a journey which has been designed for customers to discover their real financial needs and explore the suitable products and services which can help them get more.


Marco De Carli, concludes, “At the TMB Experience concept we defined a new way of banking, not just in Asia but internationally as well.  We effectively worked in an omnichannel way, so the branch is more than a space, it plays a key role connecting all TMB physical and digital touchpoints. The customer can join in the branch by a physical-digital experience, the more traditional customer, or with an app based customer experience, for digital customers. In order to susses this project, in our ideation process, we take into consideration the Thai culture and context so that the concept is innovative and also customized to the local needs.”

Ms Sharon Kam, Southeast Asia Regional Director of DINN! added, “We congratulate TMB for being forward-looking and being a great partner in this project.  With this new TMB Experience concept, the bank will truly Make the Difference in the banking industry, and effectively deliver real value to the customers.”

— Ms. Sharon Kam (DINN!), Mr. Roel Huisman and Ms. Waranee Wanrat (TMB)