Massimo Fabbro, Co-Founder and Chairman

"Intuition is everything,
the bridge between reason and creativity"

Let’s start seriously

Every good innovative project needs a good idea and its generation requires a mix of natural creative attitude, structured working processes and deep capability to listen. Creativity is the basement of design thinking, not just the result of a process. Ideas come if you are able to combine both creativity and rational approach. But no process can substitute creativity.

I experimented this approach to design innovation in more than 20 years on business, during which I built an international experience in retail design industry, especially in banking, tlc and food one.


Now we can switch a bit, talking about me.

I’m truly involved into a great personal challenge. Let DINN! become the most innovative design environment ever. Not easy, but not impossible. Just need to believe and I do.

What I like most is to invent concepts and stories. Writing is my tool to deliver ideas. I always write my business and design concepts.  I also like writing novels and some of them has been published, for my great pleasure.

If we may have the chance to meet, probably we will finish talking about my wife Alessandra, the woman I love and who is the real source of all my inspirations. One more person complete my life, my son Gabriele. He’s a filmmaker and he lives in Los Angeles. If am I a fan of him?

Absolutely yes!