Marco De Carli, Co-Founder and CEO

“Never give up. There is always a new way to go”

Passion and enthusiasm in my life as in DINN!

I do and usually start from the why. Why people will choose a brand over another? Why people have to enter in a space or use an app? Why a service is an high-end value for people compared to another? This is a briefly way to develop distinctive sensemaking projects. The results? Envisioning design innovative projects focused on simplifying the customers’ interfaces and delighting their journey among all brand touchpoints. Going beyond the evidence, be open to change and let courage be your guide in a concrete and clear way. This is how I try to lead my clients and my excellent team too.


My origins are strength and I grow with them

For all of you is Ivrea, the Olivetti town city or the Historical Carnival of Italy, better know as the battle of the oranges (google it). For me is Eporedia – the medieval name – where I learned deeply values like ambition, passion and humility thanks to my family and my friends.
Now, I live in Milan, or as people say in Milanese dialect “Milan l’è un gran Milan” (the great Milan). My daily life is with Ana, my gorgeous, radiant and Spanish wife, – known in Barcelona but of Andalusian origins (Sevilla) and with Martìn and Vera, the reason of our sleepless nights but especially my sources of energy.