— The first example of restaurant experience banking. —

— Chianti Banca branch concept in Tuscany (Poggibonsi).

ChiantiBanca has inaugrated the new branch concept in Poggibonsi on last 14th June with a cocktail event. The new branch concept represents a way of banking in Tuscany by giving importance to the local economy and traditions of the Chianti area.

The branch design innovation enhances the confidence relation between agent and customer, thanks to a specific welcoming area at the centre of the space that recalls the atmosphere of the typical inns.

New digital tools, such as new system for ATMs and the advanced communication interactive Bacheca del Chianti, allow to offer a deeper advice service and to communicate the strong linkage of ChiantiBanca to its roots.


The project, designed by Crea International and DINN!, blends tradition and innovation to differentiate ChiantiBanca from the competitors.

The distinctiveness and consistency are also tangible through details: the ceiling is characterized by structures that recall the skeleton of sun awnings, while the rough pavement is enhanced by soft lighting.

— ChiantiBanca on Firenze - Made in Tuscany megazine.

Firenze-Made in Tuscany, the famous florentine megazine, has reserved an interesting article at the new Chiantibanca branch opening.