DINN! hosted by IQUII

— A talk with our CEO during "Intervallo Lungo" on 10May 2020 —

Our CEO & Founder, Marco De Carli, has been pleasantly hosted by Fabio Lalli, CEO of IQUII, on Sunday 10th May 2020 at 10:00 during the format Intervallo Lungo to talk about the “new normality after COVID-19”.

DINN! introduced its vision about how design can support a new “retail interaction” between people and brands within the physical\digital integrated touchpoints.

As human beings, inhabitant of our planet, we have been deeply touched by this social-economic moment. For sure, there is and there will be a strong consumer acceleration for a Phygital approach with the related need of ideating new experiences and spaces. A new relationality is coming alive: our way to interact with people, products, technology, environment will change, following new and old needs, and so also our way of relating with brands in everyday life” claims, during the interview, Mr. Marco De Carli.

Here the full video (Italian Language):