Germany, 2021


Answering to challenging times and visioning new opportunities for the future, how to reinvent a physical touchpoint such as a showroom in a new phygital approach? During and post covid there are multiple chances to reinvent the relation between a b2b brand and all the different stakeholders, in presence and in remote: that’s the reason why of the broadcasting platform designed by DINN! for Rehau i showroom in Erlangen



It’s clear to everyone that at a certain moment of these challenging years, every company suddenly had to face a completely unexplored scenario, going creative in order to continue to promote and make business as usual without the common and traditional habits. It was the same for the B2B,with the face to face channel practically erased.

Rehau, a German multinational, leading global supplier of advanced polymer and composite products for industry and end users, as many other different industries faced an unexpected situation: no more standard marketing touchpoints in presence, such as the showroom, the one to one meetings and the fundamental fair trade shows and tight schedule of impossible to miss events.

Rheau decided immediately to switch its plan about the showroom renewal, and appointed DINN! to change its way to communicate to clients and partners, setting a “broadcasting system” to cover the gap of the missing touchpoints. The company found out not just a filler, but a brand new, additional and performing way to do business, built to stay also post the pandemic event.




DINN! elaborated a system to professionally broadcast contents for Rehau’s clients through a newly designed platform that take advantage of a new part of the showroom: this digital\physical touchpoint is a  flexible and professional streaming platform, a new way to talk and get in touch with people that don’t have the possibility to visit the space.


With the progressive step back to normality, this kind of marketing platform became an interesting add on to reduce the distances and the frequency of the interaction, with fresh contents to be shared. Can we call it “smart b2b”?

DINN! conceived, designed and supervised the realization of this phygital broadcasting platform, streaming products presentations, interviews and other different kind of REHAU’s contents.

The DINN! Broadcasting  concept for Rehau included two main areas:

  • The broadcasting experience design (broadcasting formats guidelines, graphics and branding, sound design for themes and soundscapes)
  • The broadcasting stage design within the Rehau Showroom


The newly designed part of the showroom, is a modular element made by circular solid shapes in a grey architectural space with colored accents, that offer the opportunity to manage different situations (from interviews to product showcases).

The iconic entrance in red, along with the Sound design & Sound Identity we provided by choosing and composing a special “sound logo” used at the beginning of each video, are the recurring elements at the beginning of each content.

The digital experience is something that needs to be realized in the proper way in order to be successful. That was the main scope behind this decision and DINN! helped us to move from a rough idea to a very flexible and impactful concept.

The advantages to have such space is to get always a proper background, a full package to create digital contents from the simplest to the most complex and the opportunity to realize different type of videos or photoshooting. The Studio is successfully meeting the expectations of different internal stakeholders and we will for sure keep it also in future.

Sabrina Colantoni

Group Brand Director


Through this dimension Rehau is now able to provide several contents for different purposes: from dealers training to webinar, from clients presentations or the remote participation to conferences.

Indeed, The implementation of this Broadcasting platform is coherent with the digital acceleration,  giving a new phygital role to a classic showroom, with a hybrid function in a “new normal” b2b marketing activities and also a benefit on the efficiency side.