Georgia, 2019


The Bank was in search of a new proposition under the Bank of Georgia umbrella, able to express its capabilities in the SME\CORPORATE segment, reach new clients and retain them with a long term relationship, establishing itself as a referral point for the local business.


Bank of Georgia has done another step to differentiate its business growth and proposition: by focusing on specific segments with a tailor-made offering and related concepts, the Bank decided to augment also its value proposition for the SME\business segment.

The Country is showing a dynamic scenario, with a lot of companies growing up and already looking outside the Georgian boundaries for the international expansions.  Bank of Georgia is a trustable pivotal partner.


The overall idea in terms of branding, service and branch design is to set the best “brand\place to go” for the local companies (in specific a selected range of the existing customer base and new interesting clients) to take profit of the best in class bankers and beyond-banking services. A sub-brand tailor-made for this segment needs and even beyond its expectations.

4B is the acronym of “FOR BUSINESS”, a platform of touchpoints and services in order to:

Increase the customer base and brand awareness as the place to go for business purposes;

Grow a strong and loyal relationship among clients, brand and banker, with a one place service: a unique space where customers could take advantage of banking and not banking services;

Communicate the bank distinctiveness and values, becoming a brand of choice for companies searching for a reliable, modern and flexible partner.


We transformed the two letters of the naming, 4 and B, in order to create a Brand that opens the doors for the growth highlighting the idea of the place to go, for networking and new business, able to support new opportunities. It’s a bank with the capability to “open doors” for new opportunities.


– Outstanding and concrete banking products & services served by the top of the class bankers;

– a selected community where any entrepreneur can be part of a close and exclusive network;

– a wide range of services beyond banking, advisory for the growth and third parties services in partnership;

– a powerful entity, able to create a business “in the background” for its members.


The arena at the entrance, the lounge bar and the bigger meeting rooms are spaces available for events, training and other possibilities to boost the business. As members, each company can take profit for free of the space, booking the meeting rooms or the arena for private usage or workshops.

The lounge bar with a rich winery and the circle meeting room are the perfect places to exchange some small talks and start some deals. Among different situations to discuss with the consultants, some classic cashier desks cover normal banking day-by-day operations.

In terms of landscape we wanted to picture 4B as a company headquarter, professional but also very fresh and dynamic. The colors are an evolution of Bank of Georgia to keep the reliability of the brand, pushing the landscape of a cool and important HQ where professionals are working everyday in a contemporary mood.

original photo by: Alexander Bagration-Davidoff