Italy, 2019


Becoming the first choice for vaping clients, through a “destination place” that will concretize LOGIC uniqueness and distinctiveness with a clear Brand Imaginary, was the aim of this Retail design project conceived by DINN! The first Italian release will help the brand LOGIC to assume a new important mission, becoming a Premium worldwide benchmark for retail innovation and customer experience.


Thanks to quality products and recognizable brands, JTI is a very important established reality inside the Italian market. Being a sustainable business means creating, growing and innovating outside of traditional tobacco products offering; particularly promoting innovative brands, as Logic, that are at the forefront of the new tobacco market, the vaping one.

In 2015, JTI acquired LOGIC, an electronic vapor products company. Already a market leader in the United States, Logic is growing rapidly as the aim is to make it the number one brand of its kind globally. JTI, the leading international tobacco company owner of the world’s best-known brands, has selected DINN! to start a new tailor-made project for their e-cigarette company LOGIC opening their 1st LOGIC Store in the world, in December 2019.

The location, selected by JTI, is the prestigious CityLife shopping district, in the heart of Milan. DINN! conceived a new store able to enhance the brand LOGIC offering to customers a new immersive experience with dedicated product trials by innovating the whole tobacconist world.


DINN! conceived the “LOGIC Vaping shop“. Starting from this new project, we will work with JTI to develop possible future openings in different locations and environments.

With a focus on brand imaginary, to make it distinctive and attractive for customers, DINN! worked to innovate the brand and the store experience & design with the aim to activate the brand recognition of customers and their loyalty (as it is well known that, in vaping world, people easily change their preference following the latest news in the market).


LOGIC is presented as a new world for smokers, not an alternative, empowering its clients to express themselves through the discovery of new subcultural trends. LOGIC is an understatement brand that leaves customers being the true protagonists of it. It passionate its clients about new ideas, considering their uniqueness: that’s why LOGIC acts as a loyal Partner.


The new Essence of LOGIC is expressed by three pillars:

the concept of FULFILL, fully satisfying clients by creating a multisensorial experience to “live the moment”

being a PASSIONATE Partner, as LOGIC can accompany its clients’ choices staying always by their side

enable SELF EXPRESSION to support their customers’ uniqueness and courage.

DINN! also created a new tone of voice to tell a unique story inside the space of the first flagship store: LOGIC is perceived as premium, understood as simple and inclusive, witty by being original and unconventional and intriguing following the concept to be unexpected, interesting and attractive offering also trial opportunities to personalize the products.


Starting from Brand Strategy, we have created a new service promise, “YOUR WAY”, to create a new world able to concretize all the expressed values through different touchpoints by following specific JTI Brand codes. The landscape design concept, realized by DINN!, able to convey both the brand identity and the service promise is the journey.

We have defined three different moments to tell this path through the touchpoints: starting from the ” Wanderlust”, the desire that people have to travel, we have found a way to push customers to begin a new journey with LOGIC Brand, discovering and exploring this new product; the concept of “visiting the city” has been enhanced, through communication and design codes, giving to customers the opportunity to choose between visiting the landscape or deeply indulge inside it. Finally, the concept of ”memory” is expressed making people Brand Ambassadors by encouraging them to share and live their journey through LOGIC.


DINN! designed three macro areas inside the store. The LOGIC Brand is expressed inside the store through specific communication tools (with dedicated copy and videos) that metaphorically highlight the design landscape concept, “the journey in the city”, by inviting customers to discover LOGIC embracing its philosophy. Our focus is based on product-centricity, being the first store in which people could deepen this new product.

Every detail of all exposed LOGIC products is designed to be attractive: customers have the possibility to test them thanks to a specific designed ad-hoc module where a Hostess offers dedicated assistance to live a pleasant trial moment.

The ad-hoc module designed for Trial is represented through a selection of LOGIC different tastes with the possibility to try them using the device. For every taste, customers will find detailed descriptions to choose the best suitable version. Also improving graphics, we have intervened to better express LOGIC Brand implementing it with the idea of the journey.

The “tobacco area” has been deeply innovated by implementing the digitalization. Entering into the space, the shopping experience will be facilitated through vending machines to sell cigarettes (for the exclusive use of tobacconist): a different experience looking forward to the next potential self-purchase opportunity for customers.


Starting from the concept of CITY, we have identified specifically related archetypes reproducing them inside the space in order to highlight the connection between LOGIC, the city and the journey.

The city represents the synthesis of the concept concretely manifesting in different scales. Every element into the whole environment, from macro-micro objects until graphics, reports these archetypes (arch, stairs, specific materials such as cement and steel) with the aim to create urban landscape following the brand imaginary. A bright band on the wall that performs the signage function, following specific airport codes as a direct link to “start a journey to a new destination”, and enhances the customer experience inside the space.

The urban soul is accompanied by a space that is designed following specific Brand LOGIC codes preferring the usage of its typical colors and features, such as yellow and white tones with circular elements.

All design elements are customized in order to host every function they must perform. A LOGIC “kit field” hosts the main product, in different variations and purposes (flavors, customization, gift box) each of which represented by a specific element of the archetype: this will allow better visibility and recognizability.

For the product, you will find an arch, for flavors a circle and for new products’ highlights the stairs. DINN! also redefined, in terms of visual codes, all fragrances represented by cylinders with liquid distinctive color, that explain the different available essences.

The entire space has a technological soul to highlight the innovation of this hi-tech product. The whole area has a visual and digital expression: in terms of use and technology, there are various media contents available to be informed about the description of the product or start a deep exploration, self or assisted, through dedicated touch-monitors. The customers will also find an area totally dedicated to Instagram Stories, as a modern bridge to connect the Brand to the urban narratives of the City.

BUILT, a part of DINN! group, managed the Project Management of the whole process, from the early stages to its completion, confirming the company capabilities in the world of Retail and the obtained successful results such as:

  • Effective control of the process
  • Concretization of client strategic objectives into the realized work
  • Facilitate understanding and contribution to the concept by different stakeholders
  • Guarantee the desired level of detail, fittings and function
  • Unique referent for the client
  • Guaranteed respect of timing, cost and quality
  • Limitation of trial and errors and interactive work
  • Perfectly tailored-execution