Bank of Georgia: the “4B branch”


Bank of Georgia has done another step to differentiate its business growth and proposition: focusing on specific segments with a tailor-made offering and related concepts, the Bank decided to augment its value proposition for the SME\Business\Premium segment.

The overall idea in terms of branding, service and branch design is to set the best “brand\place to go” for the local companies to take profit of best in class banking and especially beyond-banking services.

In this video Andrea Borsetto, DINN! Partner, and Zurab Masurashvili, Head of SME in Bank of Georgia, talk about the concept. More info in the next days.

With 4B the bank provides “an additional service for Premium clients” transforming itself into a reliable partner able to provide qualitative support and advisory, still preserving a solid and competent bank background.

A step forward to a bank proposition where the transactional\operative side will move on digital and the bank has to elevate its positioning as a trustable, competent partner able to support different entities in their new needs and priorities.