THE FINANCIAL BRAND on Crédit Agricole

— The most interesting global examples of bank branches —

— Cariparma Crèdit Agricole on The Financial Brand

According to The Financial Brand, the #1 site in the world for bank and credit union marketing executives, the banking industry continues to redesign branches with new technology and smaller footprints, although movement of traffic and transactions to digital channels.  

In his article, The Financial Brand has defined a list of some of the most interesting global examples. He took Crédit Agricole as an example of the most innovative project in Italy. 

DINN! has been engaged to dramatically change the retail banking in order to be more customer-centric, by planning a warmer and cozier environment. The My House Bank concept reinvents the banking experience through the innovative design and the leading-edge digital technologies, aiming to create a retail environment like no other.

Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand of the Digital Banking Report 

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