SPARKASSE New Opening in Bolzano, Italy


— DINN! transformed Sparkasse Bank branch model and its relational approach into a premium smart-tech landscape.

The customer touchpoint acquires a new meaning. Sparkasse Bank transforms the branch model and its relational approach into a premium smart-tech landscape.

Bolzano – December 5th. Today Sparkasse Bank launches in Bolzano its new branch banking model. With more than 100 branches widespread in South Tyrol, Veneto and Lombardy, Sparkasse saving bank represents one of the most important banks in Trentino Alto Adige.

DINN! – design innovation company based in Milan with a focus on international projects –  along with Sparkasse Bank Top Management and Communication Department, created an innovative concept which completely transforms the bank experience into an actual boutique. Within a unique and remarkable landscape, the client’s needs and desires are set at the heart of the bank.

Welcome is the new priority. The dynamic and attentive staff interacts with the client with a tailor made communication. The appointment becomes the promise of the highest quality within a space entirely manned, while the communication of the product is the best reply of any client’s need.

The first-class customized experience plays the leading role in this transformation, as well as the new way of communicating and selling products. More focused advisory activities strengthen the interaction with the client for a long-time and trusted relationship: the new Sparkasse Capsules Collections transforms both the sales and the customer experience models. A new service design concept, able to differentiate products per interest areas, offers the opportunity for a customized consultancy. Therefore are solutions thought for the Free Time, for Young specific needs, as well as for Home, Health or Job.

All that transformation is set into a welcoming, smart and modern designed landscape, where each space is thought to satisfy the client’s requests through different ways of interaction: from tailor made consultancy to the self-service approach. New areas for new experiences: attraction area where to best experience Sparkasse Bank’s lifestyle; communication area to discover how bank satisfies client’s needs; and relational area dedicated to the client’s proper care and privacy. This is a new branch model that changes the use of the space with a totally mobility perspective.

Along with the design project’s development, CAVE – DINN! company expert in Change Management – has started with Sparkasse Bank specific strategies aiming to improve the customer experience through coherent team behavioural adjustments. The goal is the creation of a harmonic continuum between the physical space and the relational ways in order to support and enhance the new design concept. The result is a unique and remarkable “Sparkasse style”, with accurate attention to the welcome and the waiting times, and also highlighting a sort of “rituality”, that means the celebration of significant moments (e.g. the creation of an account or taking out a mortgage).

The noticeable growing connection between physical and digital landscapes represents the real added value provided by DINN!, as the result of a balanced mix of innovation, tailor made interaction and simpler processes facilitated by the use of integrated technology services. Know-how and problem solving approach were cared by BUILT, a DINN! company, that realized the whole engineering executive project and supervised construction phase through work direction.

COMING SOON new details about the whole project.