Runbase Milano – adidas

The first Italian adidas running temple is the place where you can discover, feel and do a complete running experience. Located in Corso Sempione 10, just steps from Parco Sempione, it represents a key place in the city, able to involve different type of runners, from the addicted ones to newcomers. This state-of-the-art hub has been designed to improve the relationship between the running and the city by offering a relaxing place to everyone after a run, thanks to shower facilities and stretching area.

adidas RunBase Milano by DINN! : Slideshare presentation.

— Lyfestyle SOLO lounge

Lifestyle SOLO lounge – SOLO

SOLO lounges does not look like a bank branch at all, but it refers to a concierge-style, looking like a mix of hotel lobby and luxury shop. The concept of SOLO is more than a bank, it is a status symbol. It is not a bank that customers need but the one they want. So, we have created an exclusive space where the client is at the centre and all the rest is built around his expectations and need

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— My house bank

My house bank – Crédit Agricole

A revolutionary bank branch design where you can feel at home and that innovates the customer service model, by giving more competitiveness to Crédit Agricolein Italy. The challenge was to create a new branch concept that had to become a real competitive and branding tool able to communicate a strong impact and a sense of change.

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— Decanter close up chair

Decanter, – Passoni Nature

Decanter is an intriguing combination of Italian design and wine culture, with special focus paid to details and process. The collection is the result of meticulous research and an innovative alchemical process. As the wine ages in the wood, each furnishing is transformed bit by bit, resulting in a harmonious aging process that feels just right.

Decanter by DINN!: Slideshare presentation.