“Dingxin” is a Chinese word, it means “to make innovation”. The common ground with DINN! “design and innovation”, as sound and meaning, is a strong correlation to go ahead bringing our experience inside South East Asia market.

Massimo Fabbro, Chairman & Founder of DINN!, claims satisfied  “the SEA office opening in Singapore represents an important milestone in DINN! history and a fundamental gateway to our business internationalization. We are proud to bring our methodology, attitude, ideas and people in a such challenging and growing region”.

South East Asia is a dynamic and modern market, ready to lead and not to follow some western models. We discovered a cultural gap to fill, so DINN! decided to have a strong and experienced regional partner based in Singapore, mrs. Sharon Kam: born and raised in this area, she has previous experiences with other international agencies, supporting many strategic projects in the financial sector (from branch redesign to digital innovation).

DINN! discovers and explores the whole market in which every possible client lives analyzing the country, the cultural heritage, the specific trends and habits: if issues and needs of every possible client: if issues and needs are often the same, the advise, the service design and the whole concept could be very different depending on each identity and historical moment.

These challenges concern digital transformation, cost effectiveness choices, quick changing markets and are the same from Italy to Russia, from Cyprus to Thailand, with their own peculiarities.

“Having worked with numerous banks in the Southeast Asia, I am confident banks and retail organizations in this very dynamic region will immensely benefit from the unique approach of DINN!.  Among the many banks that see our value is Krungthai Bank, in Thailand, where we recently started a significant project to innovate their customer experience” reveals Mrs. Sharon Kam, Regional Director in South East Asia for DINN!

For DINN! it was the right moment to add a new strategic piece in our puzzle bringing Italian design and innovation experience into South East Asia market.

So let’s “dingxin” then!  We just started a project in Thailand: KTB Bank will be the starting point of a very interesting journey.