— A new partnership to enhance its presence in Italy with a brand & touchpoint design project —

DINN! is taking care of Konica Minolta Italia positioning, to enhance the company presence in the Italian market with a brand & touchpoint design project: we defined a customized Italian brand strategy & brand positioning over all the priority physical and digital touchpoints, within a totally new and coherent brand language.

Through the new brand reason-why “Innovation Thinker and Co-Business Maker”, the project, with a focus on B2B scenario, aims to express the transformation of the company from a product-centric to a solution & customer-centric model.

We started to spread this new approach on the internal side, with a project directed to the employees. New challenging projects about Change Management & Training have been kicked-off, thanks to a key-cooperation between Konica Minolta Italia and CAVE (a company part of DINN! Group).