Decanter on designboom


designboom magazine, the web’s first source for the best of architecture, art, and design has dedicated to Decanter, our new intriguing seats collection finished with wine designed for Passoni Nature, an interesting article.



To pay homage to the vino-culture, the pieces were named after a priceless tool. The decanter allows particularly old wines to oxygenate, which in turn punctuates each bottles aroma. Finishes include Rosè, Dolcetto, San Giovese, Barricato, and Aceto. as the wine ages in the wood, each furnishing is transformed bit by bit, resulting in a harmonious aging process that feels just right. The ‘Decanter’ collection includes chairs (with and without arms), a stool, and a small table. All were presented at the salone del mobile 2015.

Read here the whole article or have a look at the project page.