Georgia, 2020


Georgia Capital appointed DINN! to set the Brand of its new business venture in hospitality, with the aim to boost and improve a new premium touristic experience in the Country. The new brand should represent the Georgian inner value of hospitality and its wine culture, serving hi-end tourists from abroad.


Georgia, very well known for tourism in the nearby Countries thanks to its history, nature, culture and delicious food & wine offers, is now booming as a worldwide destination. Tbilisi is “the city to go” nowadays but the whole Nation is an interesting “four seasons” destination.

The aim is to grow up in the premium segment, filling a gap, especially in the mountain region, within the offering of exclusive experiences and top-of-the-class hospitality. The initial plan consists of 6 hotels, with a total of 600 rooms, and 65 million USD invested in the sector over the next three years.


If there is indeed space to improve the hotellerie offering, Georgian people are already a 5-star plus host, willing to offer to their guests the best possible local experience. That kind of offering is always related to a good amount of food and wine: especially for the winery, Georgia is recognized worldwide as the cradle of the first wine (more than 8000 years of culture) with ancient, unique techniques and specialties.

DINN! supported the client in the Brand Idea creation, in terms of positioning and storytelling, delivering the Brand Identity of Amber Group. The aim of the company is to launch a hotel chain with a focus on Georgian wine and culinary experience and make it famous worldwide among upscale travelers, seeking adventures into new wine and gastronomic discoveries.

We started by choosing a symbol able to express the Georgian culture and hospitality, conceiving an intriguing and appealing brand imaginary which brings out some clear drivers. We have focused on some interesting abstract values to highlight in the brand proposition:  Premium and contemporary soul, aligned with the client target and the modern spirit of the Country, with a strong passion for their concrete heritage and the enthusiasm to share it, enhancing their uniqueness.

For this reason, our choice fell on the Kartlis Deda, the huge feminine statue visible from Tbilisi: the “mother of Georgia” was erected on the top of Sololaki hill in 1958, the year when Tbilisi celebrated its 1500th anniversary. It’s a twenty-mt aluminum figure of a woman in a typical national dress. She symbolizes the Georgian national character: in her left hand, she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends, while in her right hand there’s a sword for those who come as enemies.

DINN! suggested to present this statue from a different angle by putting the cup of wine in front of it, in order to highlight the message that the first thing you will receive as a guest will be the passion, the story and the whole history behind this important wine culture that represents a real treasure in Georgia.

To be specific, AMBER is the typical wine of the region, born from the classic Georgian production method in big clay amphoras (Qvevri or ქვევრი in Georgian tongue).

In terms of design, we wanted to conceive something iconic and impressive, a sort of institutional national icon, elegant and sophisticated. The color palette comes from the beautiful and wide gradients of the amber wine colors: cherry, orange rind, saffron, dried mango, and melon. The elements we developed, as initial output, are a balance of Premiumness, not only because it’s related to high-end tourism, but also to express the richness of the Country heritage.