Designing for a brand that represents educational institutions is really intriguing: from one side you have to represent a solid institution but also be meaningful for the young target within a fast changing scenario, digital and smart.


The former “Open University”, with various branches from Medicine to Business, from Tbilisi – Georgia, asked DINN! to support and advice during the transition of this educational entity into a new dimension, switching from a standard university, with an average perception, to something different able to challenge the local educational scenario: together, we came up with ALTE.

We started as usual with a co-design process, supporting the ALTE team to reinforce and define what they wanted to be in the market, now and in the next few years. Interviews, co-design sessions, workshops helped to enhance the already existing vision and define the strategic pillars for the branding phase, in order to be meaningful but also distinctive in the market.


We registered the honest and praiswworthy  commitment to leave a mark in the society: “We need a cultural and educational change to contribute to the country improvement” is one of the answers we got asking the shareholders why they invested in this University.

ALTE was set to offer a positive and different educational environment to support its students to become better, successful persons. Shaping the mindset of its students and at the same time of their society.


On the other hand, this university has an additional value, the business perspective. Many of the shareholders had (or are still managing) important experiences with high-level roles in different companies, also from abroad. So the commitment is to work on education and context, but also with a clear business perspective and backbone to prepare the student to be successful people in their future line of work and careers, with practical tools and the right skills.


Last point is about the “tone of voice”: a contemporary, friendly, welcoming environment that supports individuality and creativity, but also demanding, challenging. If you want to succeed, ALTE will support you but it will ask for your effort and participation.


About the naming: ALTE came from the idea of educating towards great altitudes. This idea of elevation focused on each student life and of their surroundings expresses precisely the ALTE mission. It’s a short, easy to remember naming, with an international allure. It’s way different from the competitors proposition, it’s smart but also with a good, structured sound. A balance between a creative, lateral spirit and a solid reality oriented to what’s next, aiming to the top.


The name expresses the challenge of going upward: to become women and men able to do great things, to make choices useful for us and for others: to be better people who find self-realization into moving forward, continuously looking for what will be the next step.

The visual identity represents the University educational commitment, with a good balance between something modern, fresh and “friendly” but also solid in its intention to support and push towards great horizons.


The azul triangle is the educational foundation that gives momentum to the individual’s growth and direction to the top, in life and careers.

The triangle is smaller than the element on top that represents the individual, because the University support is essential but the main protagonist is the personal effort and each person’s choices.

The final impact is a distinctive identity, positive and colorful but also with a “business” contemporary touch.


Each colors expresses a dimension of the university character, with a vibrant, up to date image that has no similarity to any other institute.

The “institutional blue-green” adds seriousness, solidity and competence.

The “innovative ice blue” works on elevation, goals and next steps. The “contemporary coral red” expresses the touch of nearness but also creativity and freedom of expression.

The elements of the logo are an integral part of the communication, reinforcing the message of a University and the related people (students, professors, management, shareholders) committed to elevating themselves, contributing to the whole context

ALTE is a brand that preciously represents our mission: to constantly think about development for reaching new altitudes, the highest point. DINN understood our goals and desires and created the brand that we believe will be successful not only in Georgia, but globally!

Ramaz Kukuladze, President, Alte

“Bringing new spirit to the educational institution is not easy: what we wanted was something different,
easy to remember, young and dynamic but simultaneously academic and reliable. The process of
rebranding was very well driven by the team of DINN, together we managed to create a brand that
stands out among all the competitors!”

Ani Amiranashvili, Head of PR & Marketing Department, Alte


Each company, from different industries, are now building values that go beyond a claim and are setting up, internally and externally, the values as the core of company to leave a mark in the context.

If this is true in general, an educational institution should be on the front line with this kind of mindset: and that it was we found within the ALTE stakeholders, a true commitment to contribute to the context.