— A new LOGIC Vaping Experience —

Proudly opened in December 2019, you can find this innovative store located in the prestigious CityLife area, in the heart of Milan.

JTI, one of the leading international tobacco company owner of the world’s best-known brands, has selected DINN! to start a new tailor-made project for their e-cigarette LOGIC. 

Working on the new LOGIC brand imaginary, DINN! completely ideated and designed the new Touchpoint Strategy with the first release applied on a Retail design store project: the brand LOGIC will assume a new important mission becoming a premium worldwide benchmark for retail innovation and customer experience.

DINN! conceived the “LOGIC shop” as a strategic design project located in the prestigious City Life area, in the heart of Milan, where customers will be engaged and delighted into the Logic brand experience.

Complete project disclosure in January