— IED SQUARE 2014 —

— Massimo Fabbro and Vittorio Ratto at IED Square 2014

IED Square 2014 is a series of meetings, lectures and events that will involve students in Design, Visual Communication, Fashion, Management & Communication coming from IED and more than 500 young people coming from other universities.
In this second edition, the event wants to reflect the world of work, contemporary culture and the concept of reciprocity and relationship, by giving a look at the themes related to the EXPO 2015 and to the young universe. During the event, professionals and managers of different fields will tell about their experiences and will show specific cases.

Massimo Fabbro, our Chairman & Founder, and Vittorio Ratto, Strategic Marketing Director of Crédit Agricole, have presented the new Crédit Agrciole concept in Italy, a revolutionary bank branch design that innovates the customer service model.  Indeed, the space is 100%  available for customers in order to allow them to choose the service they want. The My House Bank concept  reinvents the banking experience through innovative design and leading-edge digital technologies to create a unique  retail environment. 

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Credit Agricole project read here.