Piraeus Bank E-branch made strike!


 “Inside a fully automated world, where technology is combined with everyday life in a homely landscape design”

with Ms. Eftichia Kasselaki, Executive General Manager of Retail Banking, Branch Network & Deposits of Piraeus Bank group

Pioneer bank in Greece to launch the concept of the digital branch creating a new modern banking experience, Piraeus Bank has opened three e-branches with a new innovative format in Greek retail banking market.

The e-branch concept, conceived by DINN!, aims to improve the overall experience of its customers through the provision of pioneering services, in a friendly and appealing environment with easy technology and educational consultants, decongesting nearby Piraeus Bank branches by enabling individuals and businesses to carry out over 90% of all transactions via the remote cashier desk securely and quickly.

“We worked with DINN! on a complete programme of branch transformation and have already won International Awards for the work on the digital e-branch concept that represents a recent innovation in Greek retail banking market”, claimed Ms. Eftichia Kasselaki.

Completed in less than a year, as a result of its business strategy to adopt innovative and modern ways of improving customer service, largely achieved goals as reducing non-performing debt, cutting costs, strengthening its capital base and becoming independent of emergency liquidity.

After a few months from the launch, the e-branch made strike with monthly 20.000 customer transit doing 18.000 transactions per month.

Due to this success, we expect to fulfill 80% of banking operations with only 30% of employees cost.

The branch transformation project will impact the Network footprint and enrich branch formats of Piraeus Bank.

Piraeus Bank now has the largest branch network in Greece with about 630 branches.

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