Italy, 2023


Creating a unique experience and space for Istituto Helvetico Sanders to increase customer satisfaction, achieving higher brand alignment, and enhancing the premiumness of service, through a profound innovation in customer experience.

The goal is to reach a perfect psychophysical wellness of the customers, balancing the brand and improve the premiumness of the service and of the overall design.


Istituto Helvetico Sanders is a leading Italian company that has been dealing with “hair transplantation” for over 30 years, using valid and targeted methods and approaches.

The Istituto Helvetico Sanders Institute is the only reality in Italy that can boast in organic over 100 professionals expert of baldness.





Starting with an analysis of the Helvetico Sanders Institute brand, Dinn! has studied and designed a new customer experience based on a delicate balance between warmth, science and privacy:

  • A scientific touch, based on the best solution for medical laboratories;
  • a human touch to provide a personalized service, always driven by the customer’s real expectations for this type of treatment.

Dinn! was actively involved through workshops to learn about the reality and objectives of IHS, then developed a concept through the ideas that guided the design and later became the cornerstones of the experience that IHS wanted to offer its customers.




From medical space to customer space


A new zoning with brand new areas and services


Different journeys: new clients\current clients. More privacy and sensitivity


A contemporary, medical landscape



The concept of the “Clinical Human Hub” was conceived for the complete redesign of a place of expertise, entirely focused on the needs of the customer, to live the premium experience activated by the human relationship with the staff, aligning the brand codes.

The concept has been designed to be applied to all Istituto Helvetico Sanders spaces, and to respect the customer journey even in smaller buildings.

The new concept relies on three key dimensions to balance a “minimal” interpretation of the contemporary look & feel design, recalling the simplicity, scientific, and futuristic character.



The scientific character of the center remains the signature feature, with a more contemporary interpretation.


A place where the customer is reassured by the human relationship


A hub for the customer with different and new services all in one



Customers are welcomed and guided in a reassuring place that respects their privacy and gives them the opportunity to discover, explore and understand the value and opportunities offered by Istituto Helvetico Sanders.

Between the different areas of the clinic it was thought to create a gap between them, to reassure the customer in the “Welcome” and “Living” areas, and then to move on to the professional area of the laboratory.



In order to achieve greater brand consistency and increase customer satisfaction, Dinn! has created a first reception area divided according to the different psychological needs of customers.

In these areas, we wanted to set a warm and reassuring tone to reassure customers and improve their situation of discomfort and psychological stress, also thanks to the human relationship.

In the “Living” area, dedicated to customers after the second visit, the concept moves towards a promotional communication, leading customers to explore the reality and new content of IHS.

This type of communication should improve the sales experience in the “Pharmacy” area.


— WELCOME Small welcoming area only for the new clients The current clients access directly to the living space


The welcome area is composed of waiting spaces for clients after the second visit, a refreshment area and a screen with stations with
tablets and IHS material, for the discovery of new content and information.

The laboratories where the dialogue with the client and the visit takes place, in which there is a space for the clinical



Dinn! has created a new type of pharmacy within HIS, designed for the display, sale and collection of products.

The concept of the pharmacy is inspired by the Japanese pharmacy dispensing model, which achieves the uniqueness factor, becoming innovative and unique in its kind.

Dinn! wanted to implement this model to emphasise the concept of privacy and understanding customer needs.

The product is “hidden” from the eyes of the customer and the focus is on the human interaction with the Istituto Elvetico staff and the advisory process required to purchase the products.