Georgia, 2019


Bank of Georgia asked DINN! support to define a new approach, a new brand proposition to engage and attract new clients from foreign markets, from CIS to MENA and EUROPE, showing off the bank solidity and the local investment opportunities.


Georgia is a country to discover, with incredible uniqueness and secrets to unveil, guided by the local incredible hospitality.

Sakartvelo (საქართველო; “land of Kartvelians”), the native name of the country, cannot be related only to the past, the history, the food and wine culture: in Georgia you can live a fresh balance between these dimensions and a very contemporary soul, with the tangible and proud desire to grow not only as individuals but as an entire Nation.

A crucial touchpoint in the ancient but also nowadays strategic Silk Road, a mix of culture but with an incredibly strong and proud common heritage.


Together with Bank of Georgia, we wanted to switch the focus of the engagement to a different actor rather than just the bank itself. As an investor, you must fall in love with the country and then discover the sparkling-fast growing business side.

This positioning aims to render the Bank proposition through something you can find only there: wine, food, art, the language, the landscape… a unique place, amazing treasures to unveil, a place worth a visit, all in one country, with its most important bank to welcome you and show the opportunities for your investments.

The overall idea was to create captivating storytelling of the country as an entering point to understand the bank values and the opportunities offered, pushing this unique asset of distinctiveness in front of the competitors from all over the world.

Something unique is also very appealing and valuable for a target like the HNWI, ready to choose a hi-end exclusive service with a properly aligned imaginary.



To express this PREMIUM CONTEMPORARY HERITAGE idea, with the local culture as a bridge to approach and understand the bank, we summed up a precise tone of voice and brand drivers:


To show off Georgian living heritage with its local features and secrets to explore. Something unique is also very appealing and valuable for a target like the HNWI, ready to choose a hi-end exclusive service.


A land to see and enjoy with local expertise and human touch, with above the expectations approach.
To impress this segment the Bank needs «out of the box» touchpoints during the customer journey experience.


It’s the key driver for a «tailor-made» approach and promotes the Company human (and moreover Georgian) touch, to be distinctive from the usual luxury experience. You’ll live a proud Georgian experience, giving a real face to the bank with a customer-centric approach


To highlight the Country opportunities, a real regional hub, for its history and ongoing future development.
To easily catch the added value and the business chances, with privacy and dedicated experience.


Those four key-drivers have guided the overall development of the concept over the different touchpoints, from the visual identity to the digital side, from the customer experience to the interior design, with the Bank effort to push and maintain this proposition.

Focusing now on the application over the identity, we designed a distinctive visual, premium but able to immediately communicate the Georgian heritage and the common values with the bank in a fresh and up to date way.

We started choosing a Georgian uniqueness to stress the concept, the very intriguing local alphabet that is only used in Georgia, with different evolutions during the centuries.

In specific, we’ve selected the Asomtavruli writing, an ancient version of the alphabet, with its beautiful shapes and intriguing mystery, recognizable and iconic but not readable even for the most of Georgians.

DINN! transformed the alphabet in a luxury fashion-related pattern, which offers a premium impact, to immediately express the local soul as a first proposition, but also exclusive and classy.

The text is an ancient poetry text, to stress the bank as a gateway to the country discovering.



In terms of color, we used a warm dark brown as a base, with white and light grey to balance the impact: the accent color is the goldish copper (Gold, silver, copper, and iron have been mined in the Caucasus Mountains and it’s a local richness).

The visual imaginary will represent the Georgian featuring, playing with flat goldish-copper, plain white, and the Asomtavruli as background.

The client of the bank will receive two different publications, the bigger one is an intro to Georgia, without any particular reference to the Bank offerings, the smaller one is the Wealth Management Sales pitch, with all the info and the reason why to choose the bank, with always the Georgian storytelling and imaginary to create this relevant bridge with the national and the bank values.


A well coherent application on different outputs (credit card, business card, digital…) highlights the brand-new proposition of the bank in the market.

The positioning defined and its drivers have guided also the DINN! project for the customer experience and the interior design of the Wealth Management Branch, an amazing location (the first Georgian Bank from the very beginning of ‘900, another local place worth a visiting ) to host the clients and the offices.


Here as well the Asomtavruli re-interpretation has been declined in the space, with poetry quotes carved in the furniture such as the partitions walls or the mirror glass in the middle of the space to reflect the beautiful ceiling but also to recall the richness of the local water.


The new positioning of Bank of Georgia Wealth Management is now a powerful language to support the bank proposition and services, pursuing the goal of increasing a foreign customer base, rendering the country as a destination place, intriguing and interesting.

The country front proposition is something different from the worldwide competitor, often with flat messages of anonymous promises of top service without a clear and distinctive identity.