Federico Aloisi, Managing Partner

"Why be difficult, when with little effort you can be bloody impossible", anonymous.

Innovation and change projects tend to be great challenges, I love that.

Finding out why, finding the right way, planning change and making it happen, while keeping the business running and profitable. Playing rugby has taught me that situations can change suddenly and that you must look everywhere, adapt quickly and execute with energy. Playing the bass has taught me to listen, find neat and harmonic solutions and, when in doubt, use more energy and never stop.
We started CAVE in 2002, and before we even realized it, 15 years of doing great things for great clients flashed by. In the meantime, some cool people have come aboard (read their bios below) and, in 2017, we became part of DINN! Group.
Brace yourselves, more energy coming in the next 15 years!