Andrea Borsetto, Founder and Chief Creative

"Leave this world a little better than you found it”

From A to B to far, far away…

Design is to find the correct path between point A and point B. Sometimes it is a straight line, sometimes is a twisted one, every time is something different: for sure it’s never an easy path, but it is challenging and I enjoy every moment of it.

In nowadays design we have to find several connections between point A,B,C…often a whole alphabet! Design is powerful tool to build up innovative and functional connections opening new horizons.

As Creative Director, after several years of passionate curiosity and work cases, I don’t like specific professional etiquette in design fields, I prefer to approach each project, branding or interior or product, as an exciting game with my team to find the correct path to draw an amazing project.


From A(ndrea) to B(orsetto)

My stronger passion is pretty close to my job, so I’m a lucky guy: I enjoy drawings, every time, everywhere, it’s always a doodle session, when possible focused in art projects. As inner value I think the most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others, so I have been in volunteerism for several years, in Italy and worldwide thanks to scoutism; my experience in Ethiopia with my wife, a pediatric doctor, has been the most important one.

We have a child, Gioele, and he is already putting a lot of happiness in our lives, so he is starting pretty well as my little stageur! I live in a small town in the woods under the mountains, so I strongly believe the correct path is always the upward one.