— The evolution of Layout stores in the world of energy and utilities —

From the first contact with the customer to the brand positioning, from daily operations to customized service the omnichannel paradigm assigns to each touchpoint its specific function combining digital and physical in a coherent and seamless way.

A story to tell

«The world of energy is starting a deep transformation, able to trigger a careful reflection on design and strategic features of physical spaces by integrating them with other traditional and digital channels. Various formats with different functions and characters could be used to express the world of energy, with a relevant social value, to undertake and maintain the relationship with the customer in a more streamlined and effective way»  – claims Massimo Fabbro, Founder and Chairman of DINN!, Italian design innovation firm mainly active in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, North America.

Polarized experiences and contamination

The integration between digital and physical starts from a basic point, in which an online purchase is picked up at the physical point (“click & collect” option) while a more advanced mode,l that combines online and in-store purchases, allows an additional service, customized and more sophisticated than the traditional one. The segmentation and polarization of experiences correspond to a contamination of procedures, reshaped on new customer habits now accustomed to the dynamics of online purchase. In particular, we can observe the propensity to operate in a self-way also in digital dimension, with the introduction of automated-assisted processes:  a typical example is represented by payments with automated cashiers and mobile apps able to replace the traditional desk, with the double effect of cost reduction and greater autonomy of people.  The simplest and repetitive tasks are automated, while people take care of the staff advisory, with an improvement of relational terms. «The digital has accustomed us to do it ourselves. New formats understand this change making some operations self-coming to allow them only acting digitally (f.e. in Amazon Go stores, where the payments are done only using a mobile app)», highlights Mr. Fabbro.

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