Italy, 2016


Changing the way of thinking about pharmacies in order to convert Apoteca Natura into a natural reply for the mass market, enhancing the idea of aware health. DINN! is working on a new concept of pharmacy that represents an alternative to “supermarket-like” pharmacy experience.

A project about: Branding, Service Design, Interior & Architectural Design


Apoteca Natura is an international network of over 650 pharmacies. It is a partnership project created by Aboca in 2000 that guarantees a profitability above the market average. 

Now-a-days, pharmacies are still traditional product-focused places. More convenience and less relationship and dialogue. This is the reason why, we are working to transform Apoteca Natura’s pharmacies into distinctive and international landmarks.


The new pharmacies have to be conceived around a human, warm and professional experience. Pharmacies are not just places which deliver products, but places that take care of people by helping them to feel good.

Massimo Fabbro, Chairman at DINN!

Project and image under disclosure.
All details coming soon.