— The restaurant banking experience on one of the most popular architecture and design blogs. —

The innovative service design for ChiantiBanca’s banking branches was taken up by several specialized websites on design speech.
dezeen.com, one of the most popular architecture and design blogs on the internet that provides a selection of the best design and interior project from around the world, has published the news.


Its outstanding influence has bounced off the Restaurant Experience Banking concept on many others dedicated portals. The in-depth Dezeen’s contents valorize the new-look banking branches designed to recall the typical atmosphere of the Tuscan inns.
As one of the leading national Cooperative Credit, ChiantiBanca is breaking the rules of financial institutions through a welcoming relational approach and a familiar environment.

The design concept is a clear metaphor for the typical atmosphere of Chianti inns and their welcoming service.

Traditional cash desks are nowhere to be seen, replaced by groups of tables surrounded by bar stools, chairs and cushioned seating cubes. Brochures in the centre of the tables are arranged to look like restaurant menus.


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