CAVE is an Italian consultancy firm that designs and delivers actions, processes and tools aimed at people, to prepare and fulfill innovation projects.

Born in 2002 and since 2017 part of DINN! group


“We are inspired by the myth of Plato’s cave, knowledge as freedom from the uncertain experience.

(and yes, by a passion for Nick Cave)”


What we do 


assess the situation, agree on the causes that generate the need to change, reduce hostility and resistance.


design behaviors which are consistent with the new service model, analyze and design the interaction between retail layout and behaviors.



on the job coaching, retail personnel training, selection and training of internal trainers.


internal communication initiatives aimed at sharing brand values in order to ensure correct customer engagement.




Crédit Agricole was the first italian bank to introduce cashless branches with a strong focus on welcoming the customer to the branch. CAVE helped this transition:

changing the branch director perspective from process/product driven to customer driven

developing multimedia tools to support the work of branch personnel

. helping the cashiers to become welcome managers.

After the project 75% of the branches saw an increase in the customer service indicator.

Approx. 600 branch managers and 2200 cashiers took part in the project.

Some of the tools we used: Retail Safari, training, on-site coaching, interactive customer journey, videos, branch checklist, service manual.

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Feltrinelli became the leading italian distributors of books, DVDs and CDs by moving from a network of 35 traditional bookstores to one of over 120 multiproduct stores, in a few years. CAVE worked side by side with Feltrinelli to delivery the new service model, contributed to a major retail culture change and  to reduction of resistance to innovation. We had the opportunity to work together with hundreds of salespeople and store managers to co-define the new standards of the Feltrinelli customer experience.

Some of the tools we used: mystery shopping, training, training videos, point of sale checklist, retail personnel focus groups.

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Nespresso Italy sales coffee machines mainly through customer electronic store reseller chains. To ensure the delivery of the real Nespresso brand buying experience to the customers, Nespresso directly trains the resellers’ employees through a headquarter training program called Academy. CAVE completely redesigned the three levels of the Academy program to tailor it to the specific needs of the Italian market, and to introduce innovative and engaging elements.

Some of the tools we used: actor’s training, training videos, Ipad training games, Ipad sales games, storytelling.


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