— Crédit Agricole press conference.

Last 11th June, Mr Hughes Brasseur, Managing Director at Crédit Agricole, has held the press conference with Mr Gianluca Borrelli, Retail Chief Director at Crédit Agricole and Massimo Fabbro, Chairman at DINN!.

The press conference that was held in Milan (Via Turati 41) was intended to present the new Crédit Agricole in Italy branch concept designed by DINN!  and illustrate the Crédit Agricole Group’s commitment in innovation in all its aspects, from the customer experience to the new branches design.

The new Agenzia per Te is more than a simple concept. It is a customer-oriented space with a self- service area accessible for fast operations and spaces for counseling. This is the first of 180 branches, designed according to the new service model, which is the physical proof of the paradigm of innovation, mentioned by the Crédit Agricole Group.  The whole branch concept was designed to break the norm of long queues in banks in order to offer to the client an optimal and holistic banking experience.

Hughes Brasseur, Managing Director at Cariparma Crédit Agricole.

Now, we have 180 new branches with this new service model. Our goal is to reach 350 in the coming years, an ambitious plan that requires an investment of 300 million euro (up to 2016) but that seems to give good results. As matter of fact, we have seen a growth that allows us to estimate a ROIof 20 %.  It was an important effort on the network: the new layout requires a different pace, more accelerated than onetime, and above all the ability to listen.

Gianluca Borrelli, Retail Chief Director at Cariparma Crédit Agricole

The concept, which we named My House Bank (unique in the Italian market), perfectly combined the operational efficiency and warm relational tension.  It springs from the objective of creating comfortable settings for a hassle-free customer experience. My house bank is not a mere design exercise, it is a really innovation of the customer experience. The space, away from the common stereotype of the bank, is more customer-centric where there isn’t an employee sitting behind a counter to wait that customer comes to him, but someone who welcomes him.

Massimo Fabbro, Chairman and Founder at DINN!