BUILT is an Italian consultancy that joins the engineering method with a smart approach to lead innovative projects worldwide challenging the standard solutions and overcoming obstacles.

BUILT is collaborating with DINN! since 2013 becoming part of DINN! group in 2016: a solid collaboration to make ideas come true.



BUILT embraces client objectives and find new ways to attain the desired value.


BUILT applies lateral thinking and the use of new technologies to manage and share their projects.


| “We turn ideas into solid realities, that’s our blessing.Our design are not about bringing our solution to everyone, but about bringing everyone to the solution”. 

Some of latest international projects designed and managed by DINN!.  Enjoy engineering.


A Runbase is intended to be a Hub for runners to discover, feel and have a complete Adidas running experience. Milan runbase is like a modern city that integrates social, technological and communication elements, augmenting everyone possibilities.

Adidas Runbase in Milan, Corso Sempione
. Project Engineering, Furniture Constructive Design, Architectural Project, Work Supervision


Solo branches are conceived to be adaptive spaces, to be used for everyday banking activities but also as a place of leisure to host exclusive events. The design challenge behind SOLO was in achieving a luxury feeling while keeping the budget of a commercial retail.

2 Pilot Projects, 10 branches Rollout, Main Events Venue, Branded Restaurants
. Concept Engineering, Bid & Supplies Management, Architectural Design, Work Supervision


BPER underwent a great change in the relational model between the bank and its clients. We guided the process of changing many elements and dynamics; this required coordination and alignment with many different stakeholders, but proved that with clarity of intents and collaboration, a lot can be achieved.

Concept Engineering, 2 Pilot Projects
. Concept Engineering, Architectural Project, Professional Services and Work Direction for Pilot projects 



AgenziaPerTe is one of the most extensive branches renovation project ever realized in Italy. We have been in a privileged position to guide and contribute to the project, being able to verify and asses the alignment of project rollout with the concept values.

2 Pilot Projects, 20+ branches Rollout
. Concept Engineering, Architectural Project, Pilot Projects Work supervision, Professional Services for the Rollout Phase, Regulatory compliance 


Designing something in a place with very different habits, standards, and regulations requires to detach from everyday solutions. Through site visits, charrettes and meetings with the different stakeholders, we managed to find a shared, sometimes unexpected, result.

2 Pilot projects, Headquarters, Rollout
Concept Engineering, Architectural project, Stakeholders induction


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