A brief chat with Sharon Kam, our SEA director

— Sharon Kam, our South East Asian Regional Director, about DINN! and Phygital banking design scenario —

DINN!: Sharon, an overview of your professional path and how the collaboration with DINN! started

SHARON KAM: I had an interesting journey that went from branding and marketing communications, to digital marketing and now, customer experience.  They are all linked – each one complementing the other.  The experience in Singapore, China, and Asia-Pacific with various communications and consultancy companies from the US to Europe particularly in the financial sector has given me a much broader and more holistic perspective in business solutions.

A few years ago, while researching innovative retail case studies, I came across DINN! award-winning work in the CX for retail banking.  It was refreshingly different from other design consultants.  DINN! absolutely lives up to the INNovation in its name.  It provides fresh, new thinking and customised solutions that address deep-seated issues in the client’s retail environment.  I was so impressed with DINN! work, I decided to be part of its dynamic and passionate team.



which are the most important challenges for the bank sector nowadays? What are the bank looking for? 

Banks are now awakened to growing threats to their business.  Customers’ expectations are evolving very quickly, technologies are rapidly changing and competition is certainly intensifying.  Most banks try to catch up and many have launched themselves into numerous transformation projects and initiatives including Fintech partnerships.

From our observation, some banks have misguidedly jumped onto the Digital Transformation bandwagon and started experimenting with the newest and latest technologies without a clear vision or strategy.  In one of our recent projects, the bank had tried new technologies week after week for almost two years.  It collected a lot of data, but was still unsure what to do, which to implement or how to roll-out.

DINN! provides the banks with our expert view on how their digital dimension, technologies, processes, environment, people, communications are affecting their key source of revenue – their customers. Besides bringing clarity to the banks on how they can better interact with the customers in a more profitably way, we innovate the way the bank can offer their services and set new benchmark in the market.  Once the service model is well-defined, the relevant technologies are selected to support it in a smart and cost-effective manner.  In doing so, banks can better manage costs while increasing their revenues.


From your experiences in banking innovation projects all around the Asian region, which are the DINN!  most valuable qualities in this moment of market change?

With own unique insighting methodology, we analyze and synthesize all the data collected both from the bank and from our research, to pin-point the crux of the challenges and effectively address important issues.  Not only that, we are able to integrate our solutions with complementary projects that the bank is working on either internally or with external partners.  In doing so, we help increase the returns on investment for the bank and minimize unnecessary cost wastage. This is crucial in the current environment where cost-efficiency is an important component in the corporate strategy of many banks.


Our ability to integrate the improved customer experience with the digital dimension is another reason our clients chose us.  From an IT side, we advise our clients on the best options to better support the service model.  Recently, we worked with a technology partner to change the user interface and design of the Virtual Teller Machine which resulted in a boost to customers’ receptivity to the machine as well as the overall migration from the traditional teller counters.


At the same way we know how much it’s important to cover the overall customer experience, in each moment of the clients’ journey from the very first contact with the brand to the branch visit and all the other relevant touchpoints, to offer a continuous and coherent omnichannel, added value phygital approach.