— The continuous success for the e-branch, inside Greek banking market —

Which is the point of view of the bank for this innovative e-branch project?

After so many years since the first launch, the fact that we are still committed to enhancing our network of e-branches proves that e-branches are not just an experiment but something that really works: this is why we will continue to invest in new e-branches.”

Did you expect such successful results from this transformation?

“A lot of banks have launched branches that we can define as “concept stores”, maybe cool looking but then forgotten. E-branch is different: before we launched the e-branches we had set some business goals and we tracked them in order to measure performance. For example, we compared with the number of transactions of the branches that used to be in a specific area; in almost all cases, the number of transactions exceeded the ones of the branches that were replaced. In other words, the e-branches are doing a fantastic job in absorbing physical transactions and releasing time for bank staff in other branches to deal with clients, building new relationships, offering financial advice and selling products…”

Which are future expectations after this 10th opening?

“Right now, all bank area managers, as well as community members, are interested in having an e-branch in their area.  At the moment, our plan is to open 5 more e-branches in 2020. We are also absorbing the lessons we have picked up from the current e-branches and seeking to apply them more widely to realize “the branch of the future”: not a futuristic branch but one that plays its role in a system that is more and more digital. ”


Massimo Fabbro, Chairman & Founder of DINN!, talking about the innovative concept conceived for Piraeus Bank claims “From my side, I would like to highlight how design can help in changing the behavior of people (employees and customers) if you are able to change the landscape.  The other important thing to emphasize about this concept is that the warm and hi-touch use of technology within the space is essential: it is crucial not to feel the customers scared about the new technologies, being driven by the strong design experience!”